Neighborhood Plan

The West Downtown Neighborhood Plan – Urban living, designed for everyone

The area where the West Downtown Neighborhood Association lies has a rich history. An area that started as farmland and transitioned into a place for affordable housing, businesses, and transportation, West Downtown has long been a place where people and businesses lived in close proximity and a transportation gateway to the city through railway, automobiles, and horses: where residents have been a mix of single families and apartments providing affordable options for downtown workers. 

The West Downtown continues to identify with these characteristics and honor our past in an updated setting by striving to provide a balance of housing for different life stages and incomes; by continuing to foster a symbiotic relationship between residences and businesses; and by providing a gateway to the city for cyclists and pedestrians, while continuing to preserve a “know your neighbors” community with eclectic charm.  The plan created by the neighborhood reflects our values and pride in our neighborhood.  

– Nicole Windsor, WDNA President (2018-2020)

The Plan was adopted by Boise City Council in November 2019 and is now a part of Blueprint Boise.  The plan envisions West Downtown as an urban environment where multi-modal transportation is the backbone to a neighborhood that is safe, walkable and bikeable. The neighborhood location activates a creative spirit that is attractive to innovators and entrepreneurs because of the balanced mix of affordable housing types, access to recreational amenities and potential for expanded growth and development.  The Plan provides a road map for the West Downtown which is poised to become an urban mixed-use neighborhood. The Plan paints a picture illustrating an urban lifestyle that is designed for all West Downtown’s residents, workers, visitors and travelers.

Check out the plan and download it here: