Neighborhood Plan

The West Downtown Neighborhood Plan is a collaboration between the City of Boise, the West Downtown Neighborhood Association (WDNA), CTA Architects Engineers, residents and business owners to plan for the neighborhood’s future.

The purpose of developing a neighborhood plan for West Downtown is to craft a vision and set community-held preferences to guide the growth and inform decisions impacting the neighborhood for the next 10-12 years. Gathering community input was key to this process, and we appreciate everyone who participated through survey, in-person meetings, and providing photos and feedback. 

We are pleased to share the final version of the West Downtown Neighborhood Plan. You can download and view the neighborhood’s Master Plan Here.

Once the plan has been formally accepted by our board, the plan will move to Planning and Zoning for approval, then finally City Council for approval and official adoption. 



Tom Laws
Assoc. Comprehensive Planner, City of Boise Planning and Development Services
(208) 608-7118

Angela Hansen, PLA; CLARB
Associate, CTA Architects Engineers
(208) 336-4900

Jordyn Neerdaels
WDNA Secretary

WDNA Planning Committee: Scott Tagg, Kelley Tagg, Nicole Windsor, Ethan Mansfield, Jordyn Neerdaels


Resources & Documents

May 30, 2019 Open House Exhibits

Blueprint Boise
Blueprint Boise Downtown Planning Area
Blueprint Boise is the City of Boise’s comprehensive guide to managing growth for the next 20 years.

Neighborhood Plan Document Outline

Interactive City Map
Research property in and around the West Downtown Neighborhood.

ACHD Whitewater + VMP Neighborhood Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan
In parallel with the West Downtown Neighborhood Plan, ACHD is developing a plan to help improve walking and bicycling routes in neighborhoods including West Downtown.


Participate in the Neighborhood Plan

Share your thoughts and contribute to the neighborhood plan by attending the neighborhood events and taking the plan surveys.

Upcoming Opportunities:

  • The West Downtown Neighborhood Plan will be formally approved and adopted at the November 13 neighborhood meeting. Provide feedback and discussion during the meeting. 
  • Want to share your favorite photos of the neighborhood to be incorporated into the neighborhood plan? Share your photos here.

Previous Opportunities:


  • Neighborhood Survey #1
    The survey is now closed.

  • Neighborhood Open House: Plan Goals, Strategies and Actions:
    Thursday, September 19, 2019
    Boise City Hall – 3rd Floor Greenbelt Room

    Drop by between 5:00 – 7:00 pm
    Repeating presentations will take place at 5:20 pm and 6:20 pm.
  • Neighborhood Survey #2: Goals & Priorities
    The survey is now closed.

Your input will be used to help City of Boise, WDNA and CTA identify the list of public improvements the community wants in this area to inform the neighborhood plan.